Contrary to popular belief – and here’s something for children to tell their teachers – doodling is not the sign of a wandering mind.  In fact, more often than not, the doodler is actually using doodling to focus the mind and help concentrate by blocking out other distractions.

So what do you draw when you’re doodling – houses? trees? smart cars?   Doodling may well seem an inconsequential pastime but it can give definite clues to your personality when unravelled by the complex art of graphology.

We asked Elaine Quigley, a past Chairman of The British Institute of Graphologists, for a fun analysis of key doodling traits.  Why not see if you recognise yourself in the following?

HouseHouse doodles are a rich source of information.  Look at the shape – if it is wide and airy, then you are broadminded and open to ideas.  If it is narrow and pinched, you are the opposite and likely to keep your feelings bottled up. Busy houses show you are the homely type while tall houses reveal idealism and ambition.


As is so often the case in real life, cars are there to impress. If you have drawn a car, you can draw your own conclusions just by looking at it.


Trees can be very revealing.  If they are verdant and full of fruit, you are giving, warm and balanced.  If there are branches with no leaves, then your feelings are likely to be wintry.  Lots of branches in no particular order can be an indication that you need to stop, organise your thinking and get down to a plan of action in your life.


Flags, too, are interesting. Produce a chequered flag and you are probably competitive and may also enjoy solving puzzles. If the whole flag is coloured in, you are becoming too embedded in your anxieties.


Intricate patterns show we are under pressure.  As they become more involved, it indicates we are trying to get to the bottom of the issue.  If you do the same pattern all the time, you may be of a compulsive or obsessive nature, or something could be really troubling you.  Similarly, mazes show that your problems are proving difficult to unravel!


Drawing faces is deeply revealing.  Although a profile can only show half the information, the expression on a full face immediately gives the feelings away.  Have you done any smiling faces lately?


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