Which STAEDTLER product are you?!

Have a go at our quiz and find out which STAEDTLER product matches your personality!

Keep a track of your answers as you go through the quiz…

  1. If you were a song, which would you be?
    1. Auld Lang Syne
    2. Michael Jackson, Thriller
    3. Judy Garland, Over the Rainbow
    4. None of the above, anything with a beat
  2. What drink would you order on a night out?
    1. Beer
    2. Cosmopolitan cocktail
    3. Prosecco
    4. Anything fizzy
  3. What would be your ideal TV show?
    1. Anything we can watch as a family
    2. Car/gadget show
    3. Home improvements
    4. Reality TV
  4. What phrase best describes your mobile phone?
    1. Same one I have had for years, if it is not broke why fix it!
    2. Got to be the latest model
    3. Something easy to use and meets my needs
    4. Not too bothered, as long as it can ring and text!
  5. What would be your dinner party dish?
    1. Something hearty like a Sunday roast or Shepherd’s Pie
    2. Something you have never cooked before
    3. A fancy recipe from a cook book
    4. Tapas
  6. What would be your perfect holiday?
    1. Country retreat with the family
    2. Safari
    3. Sightseeing city break
    4. All inclusive beach holiday
  7. What would be your choice of car?
    1. Family estate
    2. The latest model of anything
    3. Slinky sports car
    4. Anything, as long as it gets you from A to B

So…which STAEDTLER product are you?

If you answered more 1s, you are..

The Noris school pencil – traditional and nostalgic, family is really important

If you answered more 2s, you are..

The Noris colour colouring pencil– bright and vibrant, tries to push the boundaries and loves new technology

If you answered more 3s, you are..

The triplus fineliner – delicate and enjoys the finer things in life

If you answered more 4s, you are..

FIMO – fun-loving and full of energy

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