STAEDTLER’s essential guide to a stress-free summer car journey

It’s the summer holidays! And what’s more the weather is looking really good so just perfect for getting out and exploring with the kids.

The downside to family expeditions by car is that all too familiar chorus of ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ so we’ve been thinking of some ideas to make journeys as stress-free as possible.

Top tips

Take plenty of scrap paper and a range of colouring pencils such as Noris colour. 185 C24 - CopyThese lovely new colouring pencils will keep the children happy for ages, particularly if you download some of our Noris colouring sheets – see our blog for these. For younger children, try Noris Club wax twisters.  They’ll love creating beautiful pictures with these easy to use wax crayons while you enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.

Have a list of fun games up your sleeve, too, to keep everyone occupied.  Check out this buzzfeed on how to keep your kids entertained in the car!

Old favourites such as counting lorries or minis never fail to appeal, just make sure you’ve got pens or pencils to keep score.

Car karaoke is another good way to pass the time so remember to include favourite CDs and possibly some talking books for when everyone is beginning to flag.

Whilst we’d never suggest bribing children with sweets, surely there is nothing wrong with incentivising good behaviour with a sweetie reward every 10 miles? And don’t forget plenty of water to keep everyone hydrated en route.

What’s your secret for keeping the kids entertained on tedious journeys?

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