FIMO Kids Push Mould Review

This month the STAEDTLER Try-it Tribe has been busy reviewing FIMO kids Alien Push Moulds.

Although everyone in the Tribe has used the same product, we loved seeing the different projects they came up with, what an imaginative bunch they are!

Here are a few of our highlights:

Lunar eclipse in a shoe box – By Carrie @

Carrie decided to use her FIMO kids push moulds to explain the Lunar eclipse to her 5 year old, by making a replica in a shoe box!



Space Themed Trinket Boxes – By Lindsey & her daughter Lily @

Lindsey and Lily used their FIMO moulds to create lovely embellishments for a space themed trinket box. We love this top tip they came up with: “Because the “FIMO kids” is so soft and it was quite a warm day, removing the FIMO was quite difficult.  However we found putting the filled mould in the freezer for a few minutes helped and after a quick chilling the FIMO popped out with no problems.”



Making Alien Toys With FIMO Kids Moulds – By Jennifer Grace @

Jennifer Grace and her two children had fun making toys with the push moulds. They had this fab tip to share: “Spritz the mould with a bit of water before putting the FIMO in, so that it comes out easier.”



Make & Create with FIMO Kids MouldsBy Jenny @

Jenny and her children enjoyed mixing colours to create their own FIMO figures as well as using the push moulds.

gingerbread house


Laura Elizabeth Fear tried the moulds with her children and commented:

“The moulds are a simple and fast way to create FIMO creations, which is fantastic for younger children who may have more difficulty creating for themselves.”



Nicky Webber Tapley and her daughter enjoyed the freedom of trying different designs before baking their FIMO

Nicky commented: “We haven’t cooked any of our designs yet but the instructions look easy enough to follow. We are more free styling at the moment with them (as you can see from attached picture) but creativity is well underway in our FIMO world… This is attempt number 5… Ellie (age 5)”



Thank you to our Try-it Tribe for taking the time to review these products.

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