October #MonthlyMake inspiration from our Try-it tribe

Do you need a few ideas to spark your creative juices? You have come to the right place!

October’s #MonthlyMake challenge is for you and your kids to make and create your own Halloween monster. Draw it, colour it, make it….the decision is yours! Let your family’s imagination run wild 🙂

Here are some ideas from our Try-it tribe to inspire…..

Laura Elizabeth Fear created painted pebble monsters and a cool game of monster maths. Laura commented:

‘For the monster maths, you put numbers in each monster, pick one from each mouth turn over +, – or % and work out the sum!!’

Laura Elizabeth Fear 1Laura Elizabeth Fear 4
The pencil pot – By Lindsey & her daughter Lily @ thepencilpot.wordpress.com
With Halloween around the corner, Lindsey and her daughter couldn’t wait to get started and after looking around the shops, decided to make monster jewellery! Take a look at the blog for some fab tips!
Lindsey Martin
Hayley Louise Phillips and her family made some fantastic FIMO monsters. Hayley commented:
‘Our son was born on Halloween so this is our favourite season for sure! For Jack’s skinny arms and legs we wrapped FIMO around raw spaghetti!’
Creature consequences gameJennifer @ jennifergracecreates.com and her kids drew their monsters with pencil, coloured then in with crayon and pencil and finished them off with some sparkly gold and silver markers. Jennifer commented:
‘We played creature consequences to come up with the ideas for how the monsters would look.’ Take a look at Jennifer’s blog to find out how the game is played.

Jennifer 1

Carrie @ spaceforthebutterflies.com and her family decided to create monster with a bat origin using silver and gold pens and acrylic paint and felt tip pens. Carie commented:

‘We firstly played a game of monstrous consequences by drawing the head, folding it over and passing it onto the next person. They then draw the body.’


Carie 1

Sarah Cooper and her family designed some amazing Halloween characters from FIMO. Sarah commented:
‘The Fimo was so easy for him to manipulate in to shapes, we loved using it!’
Sarah Cooper

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