How would your kids travel to school?

Did you know…Road Safety Week is taking place between 23-29 November 2015.

This year Road Safety Week is all about encouraging people to think about their car use and how they might drive less and live more.

STAEDTLER enlisted the help of our Try-it tribe members to ask their kids the following question..

‘Instead of using a car, how would you want to travel to school?’

As a result, we have had some imaginative ideas!!

Hayley Louise Phillips commented:

‘Alex’s year 2 class have been learning all about Guy Fawkes in conjunction with Bonfire Night and the children have been re-enacting the gunpowder plot. Alex was cast in the pivotal role of ‘Barrel’ so he has decided rolling to school is the best mode of transport!’

Jenny Kearney had two very different responses:

‘My 3 year old said she would travel by walking or scooting and my 5 year old would travel by steam train or a miniature train, he couldn’t decide!’

Laura Elizabeth Fear and her daughter had fun with their answers:

Immi commented: (while eating vanilla ice cream) ‘Mum, this ice cream is so delicious, just imagine if they made strawberry ice cream! That would be amazing!’

Immi also commented: ‘Mum, which horse are you going to bet on?

Laura: I’m not too sure Immi, I haven’t decided yet.’

Immi: ‘Well, just bet on the winning one Mum!’

‘In light of these conversations, Immi decided that travelling to school by ice cream van or horse would be epic!’

Ice cream van

Lindsey Martin knew what the answer would be before asking her daughter the question:
‘Before I asked Lily the question, I had a good idea what her answer would be.  Yes! I was correct, a unicorn would be Lily’s choice for getting to school!’


Check out Lindsey’s blog for a guide on how to make this creative coat hook!

Tell us how your kids would travel to school!

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