Make your own FIMO handprint

Want to make a Christmas gift with that personal touch? How about a handprint made from FIMO? Here’s how…

What you will need

FIMO kids clay in a colour of your choice

Modelling tool

Rolling pin

Baking tray or ceramic tile

Optional: Box frame and background sheet

Step 1

Working on a tile or baking tray, take the  FIMO and roll into a ball. Roll flat with the rolling pin until the clay is roughly 1-2cm thick. The size of the rolled FIMO will depend on the size of the hand being used.

Step 2

Place the hand in the middle of the FIMO and apply gentle pressure until you get an imprint of the hand.

Step 3

Cut away any excess FIMO around the imprint and carve a name or date if you wish using a modelling tool.

Step 4

Bake for 30 minutes in the oven at 110oC / 230oF. Allow to cool.

Step 5

Optional: Place in a box frame with a colourful background.

Fimo handprint

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