The STAEDTLER Try-it tribe take on the #MonthlyMake Santa’s grotto challenge

We have tasked our Try-it tribe to provide some festive inspiration for our December #MonthlyMake..create your own Santa’s Grotto and they have not disappointed! Take a look at their creative designs 🙂

If you fancy taking part in our December #MonthlyMake competition, share your kid’s creations on our facebook page before 12pm on Thursday 17 December for a chance of winning. Designs will be shortlisted and the winner announced on Monday 21 December. The first 10 to share their masterpieces will receive STAEDTLER goodies.

Hayley Louise Phillips and her family made an impressive glow-in-the-dark ice skating Christmas grotto:

‘The FIMO effect glow in the dark clay is amazing! Our cheeky little snowman’s fishing rod is made from spaghetti & tooth floss!  And it survived the baking process not a problem.

We used STAEDTLER HB pencils and Noris Club crayons for sketching out the basic back ground design and FIMO clay to make the models. The STAEDTLER highlighter pens glow so beautifully under UV light.’

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Crafting a Christmas Grotto – Jenny and her kids cleverly created a 3D Christmas grotto using boxes that had been left over from buying Christmas gifts online:

‘I thought it would be fun to challenge the children to make a 3D Christmas grotto using the lid of a box, STAEDTLER Poster Paint Colours, STAEDTLER Watercolour Pencils and STAEDTLER Gel Crayons.

When little sis and big brother had finished crafting we put the grotto together, filling it with our Father Christmas, Christmas tree and presents. I love what they have created, and they do too!’

To read the full how to guide, click on the link to visit Jenny’s blog.

Image 2

Image 1

Laura Elizabeth Fear and her family took inspiration from the northern lights for their grotto. Laura commented:

‘The FIMO effect clay worked beautifully for the strips of northern lights and the star light sky. The glitter FIMO was excellent for adding a touch of sparkle to the snow balls, Christmas stockings and presents. The STAEDTLER metallic pens were great for adding finishing touches and the STAEDTLER glue stick for securing all the cotton wool snow in place.

We made our grotto by simply using a shoe box and covering the insides with black and white paper. The battery operated LED lights purchased for a £1 and can be found in many of the leading discount shops were used to make the grotto that extra bit more Christmassy!’

Image 3

Image 2

Image 1

Christmas terrarium grotto – Lindsey and her daughter decided to make something a bit different…

‘I have wanted to plant a terrarium for a while, so Lily and I thought making a Christmas terrarium grotto would be a great idea!

STAEDTLER has a great range of Christmas FIMO colours, some have added sparkle.  We chose the red, white and green to make some accessories to go inside our grotto.’

To read the full how to guide, click on the link to visit Lindsey’s blog.

Ima ge 1

Image 2

Ima ge 3

Jennifer Grace and her family created a toy making Christmas grotto:

Make a toy grotto

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