STAEDTLER Try-it tribe test drives the NEW FIMO kids ‘form and play’ sets

January 2016 kick starts a brand new set of challenges for the STAEDTLER Try-it tribe.

This year, STAEDTLER has launched two brand new FIMO kids ‘form and play’ sets, each  with a colourful theme to capture your children’s imaginations.

Pirate – level 3 skill indicator


Seaworld – level 2 skill indicator


The levels of difficulty range from 1 to 3 which help classify the degree of difficulty.

Our Try-it tribe has been testing these new play sets and have provided useful feedback, hints and tips.

Happy New year – Modelling fun with FIMO – Lindsey and her daughter Lily loved the clarity of the instructions and thought that the guide showing how much FIMO to use was really helpful.

‘We loved the look of the sets, the packaging is neat and colourful and we thought that they would make great gifts for children that enjoy crafting.

We are both really pleased with how our models turned out.  We had lots of fun while modelling the kits, chatting and laughing at each others pirate efforts (mine had hilarious long arms at one point).  Lily is 12 and I am 40 and the kits were challenging and engaging enough to keep both of us entertained.

I did struggle with the hat on “Pirate 2” so decided to make ‘him’ a ‘her’ and crafted some lovely golden hair and a pirate headband instead.  The pirate set was quite a bit more challenging than the seaworld set, but we enjoyed the challenge and found ways to make the kit work to our abilities.’

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

To read Lindsey’s full review and to check out Lily’s stop motion animations, click on the link above to visit Lindsey’s blog.

Hayley Louise Phillips had a FIMO get together with family and friends!

‘These scene setters inside the packaging are AMAZING! They complete any work of FIMO art!

Try-it-tribe member Alex invited his pal from school to make and create with these beautiful new sets…as you can see, big people couldn’t resist having a go either! They followed the instructions duly to build this awesome pirate!

Packaging wise I’m full of praise, from the hidden backgrounds to instructions to the craft knife; these FIMO sets make for a PERFECT complete gift for any occasion.  We’re thrilled!!’



Exploring space with FIMO kids form and play sets Jenny @ and her family also provided an in depth review of our Space FIMO kids form and play set.

‘We have really enjoyed using the set, the instructions were easy to follow and I liked the fact that there were 3 makes, enough to not get bored but not too many to be overwhelmed.

My 5 year old loves these kind of kits so it kept him busy after school. There was enough FIMO left over so he could have a little free play too.’



To read Jenny’s full review, click on the link above to visit Jenny’s blog.

Sarah Cooper and her son had a ‘whale’ of a time with the Seaworld set!

‘Here’s our seaworld creation – mostly designed by my 7 year old son.

We have a crab, jellyfish and two fish.’


Under the Sea Bed” and “Space Ships that Don’t Fly – Carrie @ and her family share really useful hints and tips.

‘Each kit contains four packets of FIMO, a cutting and shaping tool and a little booklet with step by step picture instructions to make the models on the front cover.  Or not if you don’t want to.  One of the reasons that I love giving my three art materials to play around with and get messy is because I love to see what their creativity can come up with.

In addition to the bits and pieces in the kit I found it really helpful to keep a packet of baby wipes on hand and a straw.  The baby wipes are because the colour of the FIMO comes off on your hands and if you don’t clean your hands between colours, especially after playing with the black, it comes off on the next colours and rather muddies their vibrancy.

The straw we found really helpful for punching out the windows to make proper portholes and for making patterns on the back of the turtle and the tummy of the seahorse.’




To read Carrie’s full review and to check out Kitty and Elma’s tales of ‘Under the Sea Bed’, click on the link above to visit Carrie’s blog.

Clare Nicholas and her daughter Emmy made some fantastic creations with the sets!

Image 1


Sea creature and spaceship toys – Jennifer @ and her kids made fantastic seaworld and space creations.

Jennifer, Little Miss and Cheeky Boy really got stuck in with the FIMO ‘form and play’ sets and the results are amazing!

Jennifer commented: ‘Little Miss chose to make the sea creatures, and Cheeky Boy unsurprisingly chose to make the space ships. We’ve kept the pirate set for a rainy day!

The instructions have no text, so even young kids who can’t read will be able to try and follow the pictures. It shows you how much of the Fimo block you need to use, what shapes to mould, and where to put them on the model that you are making. By the end of it Cheeky Boy (age 4 and a half) was really getting the hang of following the instructions. He could easily cut off the right amount of the right colour.

Little Miss (age 7 and 3 quarters) did everything herself, though I did show her how to make a couple of shapes (eg. the turtle shell) then I squished it up again so she could make it.’

Image 3

To read Jennifer’s full review, click on the link above to visit Jennifer’s blog.

The FIMO kids form and plays sets are available in 14 different themes, ranging from skill level 1 to 3.

Level 1






Level 2







Level 3








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