STAEDTLER Try-it-tribe feeling the love with FIMO

Our Try-it tribe has been extremely busy this month with our FIMO Hearts accessories sets. They are perfect to use with FIMO clay, soap or even chocolate!

Here are some of their creations:

Valentine’s Day FIMO hearts teacher gifts – Jennifer @ and her kids created fantastic FIMO heart gifts for their teachers.

‘For the latest STAEDTLER Try-it tribe challenge we were asked to make some FIMO Hearts for Valentine’s Day, using a FIMO mould. The kids were not so keen on making hearts (can’t we make more spaceships?!), until I suggested we make them to give to their teachers for Valentine’s Day. They LOVED this idea as they are still at the age where they love their teachers and want to give them nice gifts!

Here’s the hearts we made:


They’d look even nicer with a bit of gloss varnish on.’

To read Jennifer’s full review, click on the link above to visit Jennifer’s blog.

Getting creative with FIMO accessories – Lindsey and her daughter Lily experimented with a variety of different ingredients.

‘As February is the season of love and all things heart shaped, STAEDTLER have sent us some heart shapes FIMO moulds to try and test.  The mould has 8 different shaped hearts in a mixture of sizes and textures.  The instructions are clear with some great tips.  The moulds are suitable for food use so would be great for crafting choccy hearts or perhaps fondant icing for birthday cakes.


We both have a love of bath bombs so we decided to test the moulds by making our own!

The moulds were really easy to fill and we found that because the moulds were transparent, it was easy to check for air gaps and for positioning the sprigs of dried lavender.

Our bomb kit made quite a lot of mixture so we filled some spherical and ice-cube moulds too. The instructions in our kit said to leave the bombs for 24 hours before removing. We left ours for a week and were a bit worried that the mixture would stick or crumble as we tried to remove the shapes. The moulds are quite flexible, but not too wobbly, just right for un-moulding successfully. The textured hearts look particularly good and everything held together well. We are both pleased with the results and are looking forward to using the moulds again.’

To read Lindsey’s full review, click on the link above to visit Lindsey’s blog.

Clare Nicholas and her daughter Emmy made beautiful FIMO hearts in a range of bright colours.

Clare created beautiful FIMO love tokens and heart shaped soaps with rose petals and lavender.

How to make a heart keepsake with FIMO Jenny @ and her family had fun creating FIMO hearts from a range of materials.

‘We had fun trying the moulds out with both FIMO and chocolate and both were successful. We made them a few weeks ago and the children have been playing with the hearts ever since, we even took one as a gift to our local fairy house!

You can see the Clay Mould is quite big with 8 moulds of different shapes and sizes. There are some helpful tips inside the packaging. It was easy to place the FIMO inside the mould, it is clear so you can easily see if you have filled all the little nooks and crannies.

It was a little difficult to get out for small hands, so I helped scoop it out whilst trying to keep the shape of the hearts. We made a few and also used the pretty patterns to make some little pink roses to add to our fairy garden.

I placed the FIMO hearts on baking parchment on a baking tray and baked them according to the instructions on the packet. They are really pretty and would make a sweet little keepsake for a classmate.’

To read Jenny’s full review, click on the link above to visit Jenny’s blog.

Laura Elizabeth Fear and her family made some creative FIMO heart keyrings.

‘The heart moulds were instantly eye catching to both my daughters, they could not wait to give them a go. Immi aged 7 was especially taken with the patterns inside the moulds and loved how they made ‘beautiful, pretty patters’ in the FIMO. The moulds were very simple to use, enabling the children to explore different colour combinations and patterns.

Nicky Webber Tapley and her daughter  

‘From a 5 year old I was well happy with her creativity – she wants to give them to people with ribbon on to hang up (hence the holes!)’

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Query raised by our Try-it tribe

Nicky queried if FIMO can be placed in the oven without removing it from the moulds.

Answer from STAEDTLER

The silicon heart shaped moulds can be placed in the oven at a maximum temperature of 80 degrees centigrade. FIMO needs to be baked at a minimum temperature off 110 degrees centigrade to enable the clay to harden.

The moulds are designed to shape the FIMO so that the FIMO can then be removed and placed in the oven for hardening on a baking tray.


The mould can be lightly dusted with talc to act as a releasing agent. The talc can then be dusted off with a dry clean make up brush.


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