#MonthlyMake inspiration – Bake for Family Fun

Did you know….February is Bake for Family Fun Month? Such a fantastic theme for the STAEDTLER #MonthlyMake competition!
Get your whole family involved by make anything you could possibly imagine out of FIMO and celebrate FIMO’s 50th birthday with us by sharing your creations!

Fancy some inspiration? Take a look at these clever how-to-guides:


Would you like to create a beautiful butterfly?

Check out our butterfly how-to-guide to make your very own:


How about a cheeky little minion?

Take a look at our Minion how-to-video:


Or maybe a creepy crawly bug:

Beetle 1

How about a mini carnival with your family?

if so, then check out our carnival mask how-to-guide:


Or what about a yummy looking bracelet for you and your friends?

Take a look at our cupcake bracelet how-to-guide:

Chery 4

There are now TWO chances to win! One design will be chosen as the #STAEDTLERSTAR . Five designs will also be shortlisted and uploaded on Tuesday 23 February. The one with the most likes will be chosen as the #FanFavourite. 

Share your creations before 12pm on Monday 22 February!

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