Create your own Bonfire Night masterpiece!

• A blank sheet of paper
• Noris Club fibre-tip pens or Noris colouring pencils in assorted colours
• A black Noris Club super jumbo wax crayon
• A coin or (if a grown-up is helping) a pair of scissors

1. Fill your sheet of paper with colour! You could do this by drawing four or five bands right  across the paper, by scribbling lots of coloured circles or by creating different shaped ‘blobs’ — whatever you think will look best!

2. Go over your colours with your black crayon. Try to  make the layer of crayon as thick as possible and ensure that all of the paper is covered. When you’re finished adding this layer, your picture would look like the night sky!

3. Using your coin or scissors, scrape ‘exploding firework’ shapes into the layer of black crayon. The colours from the bottom layer will appear as you scrape — leaving you with a multicoloured masterpiece!

Share your firework artworks with us on Facebook!

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