The FIMO Friendship Bracelet

This fun tutorial shows you how to make beautiful friendship bracelets to share with your best friend!

You will need:


Step 1

First you need to make your friendship bracelet, we made ours with three lengths of string, watch how we made it here:

Step 2

Remove 2 segments from a block of FIMO, roll out and shape with a heart shaped cutter. If you do not have a heart shaped cutter you could make a template out of card as shown below.


Step 3

Use a pencil to inscribe ‘best friend’ across the heart, making sure you leave a gap in the middle. Create a hole at the top of each side of the heart. Use a knife to cut the heart in half.


Step 4

We decided to add some FIMO metallic powder to give our heart extra sparkle!


Step 5

Bake your FIMO heart in the oven at 110 degrees C for 30 minutes

Step 6

Once your heart has cooled down, use a STAEDTLER Lumocolor permanent pen to go over the letters.


Step 7

Attach the heart halves to your friendship bracelets and give one to your BFF!

Finished bracelet


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