FIMO Gingerbread Christmas decorations

Star 1             Heart             Star             Christmas tree

Bring some Scandinavian style to your home this festive season with these attractive gingerbread-style decorations made from FIMO soft filled with FIMO liquid. Why not co-ordinate the liquid colour with your festive theme!

What you will need to make the gingerbread star:

FIMO soft – cognac, indian red, peppermint, white.

FIMO liquid

FIMO Accessories – modelling tools, mini shaped cutters, acrylic roller, grind’n polish sponges.

Also, coloured inks, cookie cutters, small plastic containers, cocktail stick,

baking tray or ceramic tile, baking parchment, ribbon

Step 1

Knead a block of cognac FIMO until soft and roll out to 5mm thick. Cut a shape using a cookie cutter and use a smaller cutter to make a hole in the middle. Add small balls of white, peppermint and red FIMO for decoration using a modelling tool to push one ball onto another. Make a hole near the top with a cocktail stick; check it goes all the way through as the ribbon will be threaded through later. Place the decoration onto a baking tray/tile covered with baking parchment and press down gently ensuring there are no raised areas (so FIMO liquid in next step can’t seep through!).

Gingerbreads Step 1

Step 2

Squeeze a small amount of FIMO liquid into a plastic container. Add a drop of coloured ink and stir with a modelling tool until evenly mixed. Scoop up a blob of the coloured liquid with a teaspoon (or use the end of the tool) and drop it into the hole in the decoration. Spread evenly to fill the hole, pushing the liquid into all corners, to a maximum depth of 3mm to retain transparency.

Gingerbreads Step 2

Step 3

Make more decorations in the same way using different shaped cutters. Place the baking tray/tile with your FIMO decoration onto the middle shelf of a pre-heated oven and bake at 110ºC/230ºF for 30 minutes. Allow FIMO to cool then use FIMO grind’n polish sponges to smooth any uneven edges. Tie a ribbon through the hole to complete your decoration. Hang near a window where light can pass through it.

Gingerbreads Step 3


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