Learn to FingerSpell with alphabet guides

So…the majority of us know the concept of British Sign Language (BSL) but only a very small number of hearing people know any sign language at all.

British Sign Language is a complex subject to learn in its entirety but it is an amazing tool used to enhance communication between us all. Even if you only have occasion to use what you’ve learnt once in your lifetime, that one time could make so much difference to someone.

Even if we could simply read the BSL alphabet and use it to fingerspell words ourselves, it is a fantastic skill to learn and can be a fun exercise to do with your children.

Why not take a look at these BSL alphabet sheets provided by HerBuzz.com and start practising?

Right handed


Left handed



Once you have practised, why not play a sign language game with the family? Spell out the names of TV characters or animals and the first person to guess wins!


Some useful tips

Have a read of these useful tips from HerBuzz.com before you start:

  • Imagine one hand as a piece of paper and the forefinger of your other hand as your pen
  • Depending on whether you’re right-handed or left handed use the appropriate writing hand as your ‘pen’
  • Start by learning your vowels first

Learn to FingerSpell Week is a HerBuzz.com awareness event



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