Make a hot air balloon with Noris colour

Finshed balloons

This simple idea for making a 3D hot air balloon uses the new Noris colour pencils from STAEDTLER for creating bright patterns and designs with intense colour.

Four pieces of A5 (or two pieces of A4 cut in half) paper will make one balloon. Try making bigger or smaller versions by re-scaling the outline.

Up, up and away!

What you will need

  • Noris colour pencils from STAEDTLER
  • Card to make template
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Thin thread 50cm
  • A glue stick

Let’s get started!

 1) Draw half a balloon shape on to a piece of 15cm x 5cm card. Cut it out to make a template.

 Step 1

Use the card template and draw the shape on to four pieces of A5 paper folded in half. Cut around the outlines then open out the balloons.

2) Use a pencil to outline the balloon segments and along the top of the basket. Colour bold patterns on to the four balloons; these could include stripes, spots, zigzags, flowers, swirls and funny faces.

 Step 2

  1. Glue the four balloon sections together one at a time so they are back to back. Glue a piece of thread down the middle before sticking the last balloon in place.

 Step 3

  1. Cut a small triangle from the edge of each section to make the basket shape then draw the balloon ropes.

 Step 4 new

This step by step guide has been featured in Teach Primary magazine.

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