Make your own FIMO cupcake bracelet

It’s National Cupcake Week and it would be rude not to celebrate!

Why not make your own FIMO cupcake bracelet, here’s how.

You will need:

FIMO soft in a variety of colours, FIMO leaf metal and FIMO gloss varnish

Craft knife, ruler and roller

Pen top, glue and cocktail stick

Baking tray

Mini screw eyes, jump rings and small pliers

Bracelet chain with clasp

Step 1

Knead and roll a small piece of FIMO into a 1cm diameter ball. Roll into a cone and cut off the end. Roll a different colour FIMO 1mm deep and cut a small circle using a pen top. Decorate the edge using a cocktail stick and place it on top of your cone shape. Add a ting cherry and make a hole next to it with a needle.

CHerry 1

Step 2

Roll a portion of FIMO 2mm deep. Lay some FIMO leaf metal over the top and roll over until the leaf metal cracks and separates. Cut a strip 1cm x 5cm. Carefully wrap the crackled strip around your FIMO cone shape and smooth underneath to neaten.

Cherry 2

Step 3

Place your cupcakes onto a baking tray. Oven-bake for 30 minutes at 110C/230F. Allow to cool then varnish the cherry. Squirt a ting blob of glue onto the hole on the top and insert a mini screw eye. Attach a jump ring through each screw eye and fix your cakes onto the bracelet chain.

Cherry 3

Where your beautiful FIMO bracelet in style!

Chery 4

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