Make your own FIMO kids Christmas decorations

Why not make your own colourful Christmas decorations using FIMO kids clay?

Finished models

You will need:

FIMO kids clay – Glitter Red, Purple, Glitter Yellow, Green, Flesh, Black, Glitter White, Glitter Blue, Orange


A pencil


A roller and modelling tool

A glazed tile or baking tray

A cocktail stick

FIMO shaped cutters (optional)

Wet wipes

Permanent markers

Decoration template, create your own template to use for all Christmas characters


 Russian Doll decoration

Step 1

Cut out your template from a piece of card. Cut 5 portions of FIMO in 2 different colours. Use a modelling tool to cut a triangular shape in each piece, so they fit together.

Russian doll step 1

Step 2

Working on a tile (or baking tray), roll the FIMO evenly pressing the 2 colours together. Keep rolling until the FIMO is 5mm in depth.

Russian doll step 2

Step 3

Place the cardboard template onto the rolled FIMO and cut around the edge using a modelling tool.

Russian doll step 3

Step 4

Roll ½ a portion of Flesh colour into a ball, flatten it with your thumb then press in position for the face. Add a tiny rolled ball for the nose and some hair.

Russian doll step 4

Step 5

Press 2 strips along the diagonal edges of the scarf. Shape 2 little pieces with a tiny ball in the middle for the scarf knot then press into position.

Russian doll step 5

Step 6 (optional)

Cut a mini flower from rolled FIMO using a Shaped Cutter, then press it into the middle of the body. Add a strip along the bottom edge.

Russian doll step 6

Step 7

Use a cocktail stick to make a hole near the top of the head. Make sure the hole has gone all the way through.

Russian doll step 7

Bake FIMO at 110ºC for 30 minutes.

Step 8

When the FIMO has completely cooled, draw in the eyes using a black permanent marker and a mouth in red. Thread a ribbon through the hole and tie a knot. Your decoration is ready to hang up!

Russian doll step 8

Why not make a collection of characters?

Finished models

This step by step guide has been featured in Creative Steps magazine.





























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