National Colouring Book Day

Looking for an excuse to relax and unwind for the day? Well now is your chance, as August 2nd is National Colouring Book Day!JB

Traditionally, we would associate colouring books as a creative activity for children. As we grow older, we tend to dissociate ourselves from colouring pencils to begin using more ‘professional’ writing tools. However, adult colouring is a trend which has shattered this stereotype to become a roaring industry which is now recognised internationally.


Physician and psychiatrist Stuart Brown claims our participation in playful and creative activity allows for stress reduction and innovative performance. While it is difficult to know how it works, the promise of adult colouring is to feel calmer and more relaxed after a hard day of work. What could possibly be wrong with clearing your mind in a way which has been described as an alternative to meditation?

185JB2400This therapeutic activity has grown substantially; there are now colouring group subcultures for those who want to share their work, reduce stress and meet new people. The phenomenon provides an opportunity for harmless fun with a nostalgic element, allowing the freedom to revisit your childhood.

Moreover, we can set a good example for younger generations, showing it is possible to disconnect ourselves from the digital world.

If you think this is something you would like to try, our Noris Colour pencils combined with Johanna Basford’s ‘Lost Ocean’ book would be an ideal way to start your colouring journey!

For added comfort, why not try our triplus fineliners? Their triangular shape makes them easy to hold for long periods of time. If you prefer using pencils, our ergosoft pencils also have a triangular shape and come in a STAEDTLER stand-up box making switching colours that bit easier.



For more information on colouring activities, check out our triplus Facebook page .


Happy National Colouring Book Day! 🙂




America’s obsession with adult coloring is a cry for help

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