National Comic Book Day

Superman? Batman? Captain America? Spiderman, even? Each and every one of us has our favourite comic book character.

And rightly so- The list of greatest superheroes is almost never-ending. But where did these extraordinary characters originate? We are using Sunday’s celebration of ‘National Comic Book day’ as an excuse to honour our favourite characters that possess unique superhuman powers. superman

The first ever comic book is said to have come from the United States, with the title Famous Funnies. While the name ‘comic’ implies the tone is of a humorous nature, this isn’t actually the case at all. Comic strips are used as a medium for telling all genres of stories, from political news to fantasy horror.

For comic book fanatics, you might not be aware that the superheroes we wish we were today haven’t always been characterised that way. Some of the most well-known comic book characters used to have a very different appearance or personality. Superman, now characterised as tall and handsome with broad shoulders, was originally a telepathic scientist who was obsessed with world domination. Both creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, designed the character with no hair and the personality of an evil Professor. That doesn’t make him quite as admirable, does it?! pow

And what about the Incredible Hulk? The bright green monster was originally grey according to creator Stan Lee’s first issue of him.

For the iconic Wonder Woman, Marston’s creation was an attempt to educate his readers about feminist ideals. This came not long after critics had claimed comic books would encourage young people’s participation in illegal behaviour.


Here at STAEDTLER UK we know who our favourite superhero is…


Our Captain STAEDTLER is getting ready to celebrate National Comic Book Day on Sunday! Look out for a comic book themed #STAEDTLERSAT tomorrow!




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